Solidyx's staking platform is a central element of its ecosystem, designed to incentivize user participation and provide a method for earning passive income. The platform offers two types of staking options: Staking, Locked Staking and NFTs Staking.


In this method, users can stake their SOLID tokens freely without any time commitment. This provides flexibility, as users can stake and unstake their tokens at their discretion. The rewards for normal staking are distributed based on the proportion of an individual's staked tokens to the total staked supply.

Locked Staking

For users seeking higher returns, the platform offers Locked Staking. In this method, users commit to locking their tokens for a specific period, either 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months. By doing so, they receive a higher percentage of rewards compared to normal staking. This method encourages long-term participation and stability within the Solidyx ecosystem.

The staking rewards are calculated based on the amount of SOLID tokens staked by the user. The more tokens staked, the higher the rewards. The precise percentage of rewards for each staking option and time period will be specified in the staking platform.

Solid staking platform not only provides an avenue for users to earn additional SOLID tokens but also fosters a healthy and stable token economy. By incentivizing users to hold and stake their tokens, Solidyx ensures a consistent demand for the token while offering users the opportunity to benefit from the growth of the ecosystem.

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