The total supply of SOLID tokens is capped at 1 billion. These tokens have been strategically allocated to support various operations and functionalities within the SOLI project ecosystem. Here is the distribution:

  1. Staking and In-Game Rewards (50%): Half of the total supply is designated for staking rewards and in-game tournament rewards.

    This allocation is designed to incentivize user participation and engagement, both through staking and active gameplay. Regular tournaments with token rewards will not only drive competition but also create a vibrant, dynamic gaming community.

    However, instead of releasing these tokens all at once, they will be distributed gradually over a set period. This method ensures a steady value for the SOLID token, prevents an oversupply situation, and encourages sustained engagement from users.

  2. Marketing, Partnerships, Centralized Exchange Listings, and Future Development (20%): 20% of the total supply is set aside for marketing initiatives, establishing strategic partnerships, listing on Centralized Exchanges (CEX), and funding future development.

    This allocation ensures that the Solanyx project has the necessary resources to grow its community, increase visibility, and continue improving its offerings.

  3. Liquidity Pool on Raydium (10%): 10% of the total supply is allocated to provide liquidity on Raydium, a leading automated market maker built on the Solana blockchain.

    This ensures easy and efficient trading of SOLID tokens. To add an extra layer of security for token holders, this liquidity will be locked using a time-based lock, further enhancing trust in the Solanyx ecosystem.

  4. Private Sale, Airdrop, and Giveaways (20%): The remaining 20% of the SOLID tokens are dedicated to a private sale, airdrops, and giveaways. This encourages early adoption, rewards active community members, and stimulates widespread distribution of the tokens.

This tokenomics model reflects a balanced strategy, aiming to cater to the needs of all stakeholders in the Solanyx ecosystem. It strives to maintain a sustainable economic model, ensuring long-term growth and success of the project.

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