Use Cases

The Solanyx NFT Collection serves multiple purposes within the Solidyx ecosystem, offering holders an array of possibilities. In-Game Characters

The primary use of the Solanyx NFTs is to serve as characters in the "Solidion Legends" game.

Players can use their Solanyx NFTs to participate in the game. This provides a personalized and immersive gaming experience.


The Solanyx NFTs can be traded freely on the open market.

This allows players to monetize their gaming success or to acquire new characters that can enhance their gameplay. It also facilitates a dynamic economy where the value of the NFTs is determined by supply and demand.


Beyond trading, Solanyx NFTs will also provide a unique feature that allows players to rent out their NFT characters to other players. This opens up an additional revenue stream for NFT owners and enables players who do not own NFTs the opportunity to utilize unique characters in their gameplay.

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