NFT Staking

In addition to the SOLID token staking, Solidyx project introduces a unique form of staking involving NFTs. NFT staking allows users to stake their Solanyx NFTs to earn additional SOLID tokens. This system is designed to reward users who engage with the platform and contribute to its economy.

The process of NFT staking is quite straightforward: users can select the NFTs they own and choose to stake them on the platform. Once an NFT is staked, it becomes temporarily locked and cannot be transferred or sold. However, it continues to generate SOLID rewards over time based on a set reward rate.

The reward rate for NFT staking is determined by various factors, the duration of the stake, and others. This ensures that the staking rewards are fair and proportional to the value contributed by the user.

NFT staking offers a unique way to earn rewards and contributes to the circulation and utility of both SOLID tokens and Solanyx NFTs. It also encourages holding and adds an additional layer of depth to the gaming experience while providing players with more ways to interact with their assets and the Solidyx ecosystem.

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